Singer Reimagined

Singer Reimagined (Hong Kong Edition)


Winner of GPHG “Best of Chronograph 2018”

With the Hong Kong Edition, Singer Reimagined Track1 takes a sleek turn. Encased in high performance ceramic-aluminum, this revolutionary chronograph is presented in a lightweight version clad in black with powerful orange accent. Together with its technical partner DelWest, Singer Reimagined refined a process to produce technical components: aluminum-ceramization. In a bold move, this high-performance process is now used to manufacture the black case of the Track1 Hong Kong edition.

Ceramic-aluminum is crafted by electro-plasma oxidation. The surface layer of a special, aeros – pace-specification aluminum alloy is transformed into ceramic. The result of this high-tech process is a super-black case combining excep – tional scratch, wear and corrosion resistance with the lightness of its aluminum core. This cutting-edge material offers comfort, resistance and great aesthetics. The interplay between light and shadows enhances the sleek lines of the 43 mm barrel-shaped case and its smooth-to-the-touch surface offers an excep – tional tactile experience. Located on either side of the case for enhanced operations and ergono – mics, the crown and pushers are fashioned out of grade 5 titanium. Their surface is treated with a deep black DLC coating providing superior resistance and head-turning good looks.

The AgenGraphe, the calibre powering the Singer Track1 stands apart from all previous chronograph movements. The result of a decade of development, this groundbreaking piece of mechanical ingenuity completely redefines fundamental principles that have remained unchanged for decades. To connect the chronograph mechanism to the timekeeping gear train, the AgenGraphe features an innovative clutch mechanism. The coupling is made horizontally which requires less space, yet it is made using friction, just like a vertical clutch. The dial-side rotor (made possible because the hands are on a central axis) leaves an unimpeded view of the movement and its 477 meticulously hand-finished parts. AgenGraphe is developed by the legendary movement maker JeanMarc Wiederrecht who runs the company AgenHor – an official partner of Singer Reimagined.

Automatic mechanical movement column-wheel chronograph, AgenGraphe, Singer Reimagined exclusive 3×60 indication central chronograph
FREQUENCY: 21’600 vph (3 Hz)
FUNCTIONS: Hours & minutes on peripheral discs, instantaneous jumping hours (60 hours) and minutes chronograph hands (60 minutes), sweeping chronograph second hands (60 seconds)
MATERIAL: Matte black ceramic aluminium
HEIGHT: 15 mm
CRYSTAL: Sapphire with double-sided antireflective coating
BACK: Matte black ceramic aluminium screwed with sapphire crystal
WATER RESISTANCE: 10 ATM / 100 meters


About The Brand

Singer Reimagined
Singer Reimagined
Singer Reimagined has been created to explore the world of high watchmaking. Their watches are defined by that same guiding principle: the need to improve, ignore convention, edge closer to perfection and ask “what if?”
Steeped in the belief that beauty comes from the uncompromising pursuit of optimized functionality, the team behind Singer is obsessively searching for ways to optimize every elemental strand of design. A flagrant disregard for the concept of “good enough” and a willingness to overturn convention characterizes their work. The end result must delight, borne from the single-minded pursuit of aesthetic and engineering perfection.