Monarch Emerald and Diamonds Earrings


Handmade to order

Creation Time: 6 Weeks

The eternal symbol of youthful exuberance, reminiscent of the great Mughal era, the Chaand Baalis (moon-shaped earrings), showcases the glitter of brilliant diamonds and the splendid green of emeralds, with polkis, deep-green tsavorites, and Chinese pearls, all set in 14K gold. The polkis are in a unique open setting that intensify the reflected fire.

Width / diameter : 50mm

Length: 80mm

Type of Back Closure : Screw with Omega Clip

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About The Brand

Manjrie is a bespoke jewellery brand for women, by women. Every handcrafted piece makes a distinctive statement that professes ladylike elegance and grace. The jewellery captures the brilliance of the stars and sets them in evocative pieces that awaken sensuous emotions and unbridled passions.

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