Meccaniche Orologi Milano

Libra Kleio Clock


Skeleton, eight-day spring-driven single barrel pendulum clock with the epicyclic train (planetary gearing) and Ferguson Mechanical Paradox

Case: Two 8mm-Hardened Crystal Glass Plates With Welded Mirror-Polished Stainless Steel Bushes
Base: Inclined at 14 deg., CNC cut, hand-polished Portoro marble
Gears : Brass, polished and 24c. pink gold-plating, rhodium plating
Central wheel :  4mm-Hardened Satin Crystal
Escapement : Graham deadbeat escapement
Hands : Arrow-shaped, Hand-polished, 24c. Pink Gold-Plated
Pendulum : Left Hunged, Temperature Compensated Invar rod with Mirror-Polished Stainless Steel Lense
Crutch : One-side pushing extremely asymmetric crutch
Pinions/Arbors : Mirror-polished stainless-steel pinions and arbors work on the caged ball bearings with pressed steel shields
Materials : Brass, stainless steel, aluminium, invar, crystal glass, marble
Frequency: 8180 beats per hour
Power reserve: 8 days
Dimensions (mm): 400 (L), 380 (H), 155 (W)
Nett Weight (kg): 14


About The Brand

Meccaniche Orologi Milano
Meccaniche Orologi Milano
Established in 2016 in Milan, the cradle of European culture, fashion and design MOM (Meccaniche Orologi Milano) is a small young family company founded by Alessandro Rigotto, a candidate at the A.H.C.I Horological Academy of Independent Creators. Our clocks are 100 % Italian made: all the components, starting from the base and finishing with the smallest screw, are crafted from local materials. Our essence is to glorify the Italian tradition and experience while paying tribute to modern design and technological features. In all our clocks, from the grandfather clocks to the table ones, we strive to create the perfect union of modernity, innovation and tradition in order to originate a timepiece of high quality, unique in its kind that would last for generations. Member of the Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants (AHCI), the renowned academy of the world’s best independent watchmakers