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Libra Kleio Clock


Skeleton, eight-day spring-driven single barrel pendulum clock with the epicyclic train (planetary gearing) and Ferguson Mechanical Paradox

Case: Two 8mm-Hardened Crystal Glass Plates With Welded Mirror-Polished Stainless Steel Bushes
Base: Inclined at 14 deg., CNC cut, hand-polished Portoro marble
Gears : Brass, polished and 24c. pink gold-plating, rhodium plating
Central wheel :  4mm-Hardened Satin Crystal
Escapement : Graham deadbeat escapement
Hands : Arrow-shaped, Hand-polished, 24c. Pink Gold-Plated
Pendulum : Left Hunged, Temperature Compensated Invar rod with Mirror-Polished Stainless Steel Lense
Crutch : One-side pushing extremely asymmetric crutch
Pinions/Arbors : Mirror-polished stainless-steel pinions and arbors work on the caged ball bearings with pressed steel shields
Materials : Brass, stainless steel, aluminium, invar, crystal glass, marble
Frequency: 8180 beats per hour
Power reserve: 8 days
Dimensions (mm): 400 (L), 380 (H), 155 (W)
Nett Weight (kg): 14


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