Sicis Jewels

Le Jeux du Contraire Necklace in White Gold


White Gold 750‰ 156,34 g White Diamonds 10,65 ct

Width / diameter (mm): 130
Length (mm): 260

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Sicis Jewels
Sicis Jewels
Renowned for its stunning and exquisite mosaic art that have captivated the world, SICIS mosaics tile can be found in many of the world’s most prestigious and glamorous buildings, from the 7-star Burj Al Arab Hotel to Caesar’s Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. After decades of research, SICIS has perfected its bold approach to micromosaic, blending the ancient art form itself into a modern look, creating striking, unique and downright spectacular jewelry for millennia. Each piece is more than just a jewel set in gold and gemstones: it is a work of art — displaying astonishing and inimitable craftsmanship.