Karel Rotation

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A masterpiece of 3 surprises
It took about 1,000 days of hard work to realize a seemingly unrealistic vision. Completely independently at his workshop in Prague’s Vinohradyquarter, Seryn created a mechanical steampunk timepiece with an innovative movement design.Of the 264 components making up Karel Rotation, Seryn produced 75 percent of them – without the use of CNC machinery. The other 25 percent of the components, including the hairspring, mainspring, and bearing jewels, were outsourced to specialists; however he then hand-polished and beveled many of these outsourced parts to the high standard he thought his watch deserved.The fully functional prototype already has an owner: a Mr. Karel (Karel is Czech for “Charles”), the first name of the client. But this patron is not just a client: he helped Seryn with the financing and preparation of a possible small-scale production.With the Karel Rotation, Seryn has crafted a new kind of manufacture movement with original architecture using a rotating base (hence the word“Rotation” in the watch’s name) and two independent movements sharing one spring barrel. The entire movement is supported on a single shaft around which everything else revolves like planets around the sun – including the spring barrel, plates, automatic winding assembly, and even the hands.The owner witnesses the rotation three times each day as the movement makes one complete rotation every eight hours – an interesting way to measure work time? The Karel Rotation has a power reserve of a 42 hours. Both of its old-school 2.5 Hz balances and their gear trains (two escape wheels, two second wheels, two intermediate wheels, and two minute wheels) share a single spring barrel. Though this is an interesting construction, it is also a challenging one as both oscillators must be tuned absolutely perfectly. The dual movements – exuding symmetry and harmony – are entirely dependent upon one another

Case: 45 x 20 mm, gold
Movement: original automatic caliber using the Prim 66 as a base; two sets of gear trains and escapements;
2.5 Hz/18,000 vph frequency, 42-hour power reserve
Functions: hours, minutes


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