Konstantin Chaykin

Joker tie-strap


Material: Leather

The idea to make an unusual watch strap for the Joker watch came to Konstantin Chaykin when he was thinking of a Joker Piece Unique for his good client: “Last year everything in my life was revolved around Joker. I constantly wore the watch on my wrist, almost every day I encountered quite a lot of Jokers in front of my eyes, from parts in different stages of finishing to finished watches ready for supply. Having a lot of “talking” with Joker movements – they look anthropomorphic, aren’t they? – you unintentionally regarding them as alive. One of my good clients asked me to think about creating a watch that would remind one famous politician. After a hard work with sketches, when the whole range of possible design details starting from the reddish face to the yellow hair was exhausted, and still there was no final solution meeting my requirements, I suddenly got an idea: why not to dress Joker in a white shirt and a red tie? That’s how the Joker watch strap appeared and gave it a natural look. In fact, I must admit, that the Unique Piece still didn’t look like the politician, but I was attracted by the idea of extravagant tie-strap and decided to offer it to my customers”.

The Joker tie-strap is perhaps Konstantin Chaykin’s most ingenious contribution to the art of watch design, and he continues to invent straps. The Dracula watch got an impressive Dracula strap with an elegant white bow tie and blood-red lapels of Count Dracula’s tailcoat, the Joker Soccer watch got a burgundy strap with contrasting stitching in style of a soccer ball, the Mouse King 2020 watch got a strap with an ermine mantle. The prototype of the Mars Conquoror Mark 1 watch, the first milestone of Konstantin Chaykin’s Martian program, got a special white Martian strap with orange-red stitching embellished with the fabric of space suits


About The Brand

Konstantin Chaykin
Konstantin Chaykin
Konstantin Chaykin is a Russian inventor, master of high watchmaking art. He conquered all odds by becoming the only Russian watchmaker admitted to the prestigious Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants (ACHI), and the Russians by the fact that he created a successful watch manufactory on the ruins of the Soviet watch industry. The creator of the iconic joker and clown watch that have brought much joy to the world