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Burmese Sugarloaf Sapphire Earrings


Sizing: 50x25mm

Specifications: 18K White Gold
Blue Sapphire 0.40 cts
Pink Sapphire 0.19 cts
Yellow Sapphire 0.35 cts
Tsavorite 0.61 cts
Amethyst 0.15 cts

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About The Brand

Zahira Fine Jewellery is the creation of Thai-American sisters, Nina and Emi, who developed a deep love and appreciation for jewels and jewellery at a young age, under the guidance of their father, a global high-end coloured gemstone dealer. The sisters launched Zahira in 2015 with their debut collection of vivid and vivacious designs, and began offering bespoke services by co-creating one-of-a-kind pieces with their growing clientele list. Every Zahira creation is a masterpiece, utilising imaginative and alluring designs to enhance the beauty of the quality jewels at its heart.