Founded by Alexander Tenzo in 1993, the company evolved from the treasury of the earth’s rarest gems into the exquisite jewellery house. Alexander is dedicated to revitalizing age-old, near-lost craft skills, and transmitting them to future generations. In particular, he breathes new life intonthe art of intaglio carving, and figurative stone-carving. TENZO one-of-a-kind jewels bring together art and design, natural gemstones and craftsmanship, intricate, secretive details, sublime proportions reminiscent of the finest antique jewellery, and emotive colour, vibrant and intense or soft and subtle, the mark of modernity. Currently TENZO collections are presented in showrooms in St. Petersburg, Moscow, New York, Switzerland, London (since August 2016), and on private and art exhibitions in Hong Kong, Singapore and Monaco.
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