Alessandra Dona

Alessandra Dona, the brand was established in 2009, at Venezia, Italy, in a 500-year-old Italian building of Palazzo Capra Querini. All her jewelry has been born in the building with the Italian inspiration and touch. Made with selected pearls from one of the world’s largest pearl companies, to secure only the best pearls. All our jewels are made from 18k gold, diamonds and semi-precious stones. The quality assurance process is very thorough, to ensure that customers receive only the best terms of luxury, refinement and fineness. Created and designed two different types of the collection, FRIDAY NIGHT and TIMELESS. FRIDAY NIGHT reflects the view of the pearls of the future, giving ideas of positive, glamorous and contemporary. TIMELESS with a classically designed pearl jewelry with a touch of something more up to date, to make it more attractive to the modern market.
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