JeweLuxe® International stands for a perfect synonym for natural business escalation and confirms the digital luxury appetite of Singaporean and Southeast Asian markets.

The launch of JeweLuxe® is marked by a quintessential exhibition of sophisticated living propositions in the Singapore’s prime shopping district, at the Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza on the sparkling Orchard Road. A coming into being doubled by its avatar in the digital space: JeweLuxe® World E-Commerce targets also Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong and China. It is a strategic sales and marketing platform for niche and specialised designers and brands.

JeweLuxe® builds on a 14-year multi-million-dollar showcase, which is JewelFest, Singapore’s and probably, Asia’s most luxurious jewellery exhibition. The existent reputable constellation of jewellers from all four corners of the world expands to creators of beauty in watchmaking, fashion, silverware, vintage and art. The JeweLuxe® Exhibition elevates the curatorial benchmark through highly renowned participants: iconic designers of America (Mouawad, Paolo Costagli, Kimberly McDonald, Moritz Glitz, Amedeo), a league of extraordinary European brands (Buccellati, Federica Rettore, Hans D Krieger, Vianney Halter, Ludovic Ballouard) and Asian brands of rarity in artistry and precious gems (Glajz, Caratell, Dilys’, Window to the Past, Shirley Zhang).

Prize-winner DEEP SPACE TOURBILLON by Vianney Halter

The course of action is led by Angela Loh, at the invitation of the Singapore Tourism Board. Founder and CEO of JeweLuxe ® International, she was also the JewelFest director for its entire long life.

Angela Loh teamed up with Nelson Lee, a serial digital entrepreneur with 13 years of experience, now chief digital officer for JeweLuxe ® International. They found each other thanks to their constant urge to innovate and not settle for the status quo.

Nelson Lee sees the digital demand for luxury and design as being on the rise on the markets targeted by JeweLuxe® International. “It is expected to grow at a tremendous rate as Singapore and other markets become more acquainted and familiar with online shopping. By 2025, the expected online share of total luxury sales globally is projected to double, being worth about €70 billion annually, making it the world’s third largest luxury e-commerce market after China and the United States.”

Magerit – Collection Gea Veris

The vision of JeweLuxe ® partners is to create a multi-sensorial experience for emerging and wealthiest individuals, as well as upwardly mobile new millennials of Southeast Asia. “Digital has become the first and main touchpoint globally. That doesn’t change for wealthy individuals. We have plans to create a deeply immersive and engaging experience for our discerning and sophisticated audience online”, says Nelson Lee. His approach to the challenges of creating an online environment for sophisticated living propositions is to make it “meaningful, engaging and most importantly, trustworthy and assurance exuding”.

Aiming to respond to the aspirational desires of the millennials, “JeweLuxe World will focus on the art of storytelling behind exquisite craft and design. Across all digital channels, in a meaningful way”.

Ombré collection

Paolo Costagli is winner of the internationally acclaimed Couture Design Award

Compared to other luxury and fashion e-commerce players, the novelty of JeweLuxe® World consists in “the convergence of our first-of-its-kind retail concept and a cohesive ecosystem for our audience. It will bring a top of class curation and service and in time, it will integrate unique and innovative technology”.

Central to the strategy of making luxury pieces from over 30 brands desirable to high-net-worth collectors and connoisseurs is “our JeweLuxe Concierge that is the key to connecting both
the merchant and the customer. JeweLuxe® eConcierge coordinate and assure – to provide assurance and service for online shopping”, mentions the chief digital officer.

The price range on the JeweLuxe® World site starts a bit over USD 1,000 for the most affordable pieces and culminates with very expensive signature pieces. JeweLuxe® International stands out through a highly refined and unparalleled selection of gorgeous pieces through all price ranges.

From Paolo Costagli, award-winning designer in New York and curator for the upcoming exhibition, JeweLuxe® World proposes a geometry intricate ring in 18 K gold and pink sapphires playing on the summery light of the Tuscan shores – the Ombré collection (USD 1,065).

The most expensive is Deep Space Tourbillon, winner of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève – Innovation Prize and manufactured by Vianney Halter, the Swiss independent watchmaker (USD 236,690). This is a triple-axis tourbillon watch made of titanium (90gr), presenting manual winding, 41 rubies and an in-house developed calibre VH 113.

Kimberly McDonald

A further valuable creation is a one-of-a-kind pair of earrings by the American designer, KimberlyMcDonald. Boulder opal and irregular diamonds let the natural speak for itself (USD 126,950).

Kimberly McDonald has a career as curator of private clients’ fine jewellery collections

In white and green diamonds and 18K gold, the handmade-to-order Gea Veris fantasy earrings, from the Spanish jeweller, Magerit (USD 40,118) comes third in the high-end echelon.

The JeweLuxe® exhibition opens on October 6th aiming to attract and become the shopping destination for the affluent and the well-heeled of Southeast Asia until October 15th. Also happening will be the Savoir Series® Events organised to immerse the the high-net- worth audience and to heighten their appreciation for conceptual design, craft, artistry and innovation in fine jewellery and sophisticated living propositions.

By Roxana Florina Popa