The team at the helm of Atelier de Chronometrie has certainly outdone itself with the launch of their much-anticipated AdC8, which has been two years in the making.

AdC#8 Split-seconds chronograph – Atelier de Chronométrie

Commissioned by an independent collector, this exceptional timepiece is truly the eptimome of artistanal work, with over 50 new parts of its total 280 calibre parts, created completely by hand without using any milling machines at all. It is this dedication to highest possible quality of work and attention to detail that has set Atelier de Chronometrie apart from other watchmakers during this season of global upheaval.

“Fortunately, the pandemic hasn’t affected the debut of this watch at all,” says Montse Gimeno, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Atelier de Chronometrie. “Since we officially launched the AdC8, we have been receiving good feedback and several orders too.”

Though many are re-examining their business models and market presence, Gimeno believes that their DNA is working to their benefit at this time. “There is an advantage to being a small manufacture that works completely with artisanal philosophy. Over the last few months, we have closed more orders than the previous months of the pandemic. The projection for the near-future is good!”

Queried over their vision post-pandemic, Gimeno is optimistic. “Ideally, when the pandemic is over, we hope this little sector of indepdendent watchmakers will align strongly to the key important value of sustainability, which is true to the artisanal business philosophy.”

For more information on this exceptional handmade timepiece, please visit
www.atelierdechronometrie.com or visit SJX.

By Leela Jesudason